The 12 week coaching accelerator is a program limited to 20 students at a time…apply now to secure your spot!

Get into the best shape of your life with

 the 12 week accelerator

coaching program

“If you’re looking to change your lifestyle and mindset with zero restrictions, and be part of a selective group… I will personally work with you to make this happen!

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The 12 week accelerator coaching program is

The fastest way to get into the best shape of your life without compromises

“There are a lot of online trainers out there, but none is like Mateus: he understands your needs and he knows how to push you to be better and to get better. I have developed the habit of going to the gym every day and eating healthy most of the time. He knows I need a cheat meal from time to time, but I still got excellent results. I'm grateful I decided to do his program” -Rafael
“Mateus delivers a challeging program that will make you push yourself even harder! I was always doing the same thing and he showed me that there's so much more to do and explore on the gym floor! I'm so glad I signed up for his online program and I'm so happy with the results!” -Tiffany
“Doing Mateus' program was what got me up in the morning. It was the only time I enjoyed training and could do the whole program! The meals were super easy to follow and I was never hungry. Thank you, Mateus, for this amazing program!” -Kat
“I never liked working out. I was always too tired and too lazy by the end of the day to get to the gym land actually work out. Eating healthily did not come naturally to me. Mateus helped me to actually enjoy working out and eating a balanced diet. After a few days of the program, I was looking and feeling so much better. I now get excited everytime I have a new training program. It's hard at first but Mateus eases you into it and it is all worth it in the long run, I promise!” -Moses
“I did Mateus' program and it was the best thing I did for myself! It was not easy, but it was the only program that kept me going longer than I'd expected. I definitely recommend his program to everyone! Thank you, Mateus!” -Anna
“A big thank you to my wonderful PT Mateus who has been looking after me for 12 months today. He has taken me on a fantastic fitness journey and I can honestly say I am a different person to the one that came into the gym needing help this time last year. Thank you for showing up for every session, adjusting my workouts when my knees said "not today" and pushing me to be my best all the time. You never gave up on me and never made me feel anything other than empowered. A big thank you to the big fella! I look forward to the next year of transformation, bring it on!” -Karen

A track record that speaks for itself

Mateus Meirelles is responsible for hundreds of transformation stories and counting

Let's get into the best shape of your

life together with a guaranteed transformation during the 12 week process


HOW SOON will I see results?

You will see progress within the first month and then your body will kick start as we will have fired up your metabolism and cleaned up your digestion at this point.

How do you help me personally?

We have check ins every week where we review your progress and we have unlimited whatsapp support. This will provide personal nutritional advice and tips for you to achieve more results.

Do I get support when I reach a plateau?

Yes, this is why this program is so successful. You have weekly feedback that looks at your progress. Are you going to stick around? Then we will look for a solution together with you.

Can I still eat out?

Yes! The plan with suggestions of what to eat out without having any restrictions in place is what this is all about!

I don’t like some foods. Will this be taken into account?

Yes, the coaching way allows you to keep eating as you always did in moderation and still get results.

What happens after the program?

I will give you feedback on your body type and how you can improve it yourself. This program is an educational fitness program with the goal of giving you GUARANTEED results whilst teaching you how to maintain them for the rest of your life.

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